Passport Office Helpline Number

For people who are looking to travel outside the U.K. a passport for travel needs to be obtained. The processing time to get a U.K. passport can vary depending on whether the passport being obtained is a first-time passport or a passport renewal.

People who are planning to travel outside the U.K. should plan to get a passport well in advance of their travels if possible. While there are emergency situations that can arise for unexpected travel, in most cases, people know months in advance of their plans to travel outside the U.K. for business or vacations.

The original first-time passport requires specified documentation be submitted. The process can start with applicants paying for their U.K. passport application online and print their documentation.

Once the online application forms are submitted with the passport fee, the official passport documents must be submitted with two official photo passport photos, a copy of official photo identification and a birth certificate for processing.

Once this is completed, the paperwork must be submitted with a countersignature of a recognised person that currently has an active British or Irish passport to get a passport evaluation appointment. The verification appointment usually occurs within two weeks and the applicant must present themselves in person for verification of identity.

The online passport application process costs approximately 95 GBP including courier costs. The traditional passport applications process which is done by presenting the paperwork in person at the post office costs approximately 85 GBP.

The typical time for people to get a new passport approved and received is approximately 6 weeks from the time the initial appointment is set to meet with a passport agent. Typical passport renewal time is three weeks after application renewal forms are submitted with payment.

For people seeking emergency or expedited passports with a fee for expediting, there are several options. They are a Paper Premium, Online Premium or the Seven Day’s Fast Track Service.

The Paper Premium Passport Application allows applicants to get approved for a passport within four hours after their passport identification appointment.

The Online Premium Passport Application allows for obtaining a passport after thirty minutes from their passport verification appointment. The appointment is scheduled online as soon as the fees are paid, and the paperwork is submitted. The cost for the Premium Online and Paper Premium service is between 177 GBP to 187 GBP. For more details, call this Passport Office telephone number.

The Seven Day Fast Track Passport Service will deliver a passport to the applicant within 7 days of the verification appointment and costs the applicant approximately 142 GBP. Once the official U.K. passport is granted it is valid for a tenure of ten years. After the ten-year time span has passed, passport holders simply need to pay to get it renewed.