Income Support Helpline Number

The government of the United Kingdom provides Income Support for low-income earner, that cover your costs. You can, however, apply for income support at the moment if you are severely disabled where you can get severe disability premium if you got the severe disability premium in the past month you might still be eligible for income support. For people who do not qualify for income support and are low-income earners, they can apply for Universal Credit instead

Conditions you and your partner should meet to be eligible for income support include lack of income or low income with savings less than 16,000 pounds. You and your partner should not be working full time paid work if you are working it should be less than 16 hours a week and your partners hours in a week should not be more than 24 hours. You should also not be eligible for Jobseekers Allowance as well as Employment and Support Allowance. Eligibility is based on your area of residence which covers areas such as England, Scotland or Wales; different rules apply to people who reside in Northern Ireland.

The age for income support is between 16 years and Pension Credit qualifying age, should however be pregnant, an alone parent with a child less than five years either biological or adopted. Lone foster parents with children less than 16 years are eligible for income support. Carers taking care of the sick or elderly either at their home or in nursing homes receive income support. You are also eligible for income support when on maternity and leave and would wish to get some financial aid you qualify for Income Support. People who are on Statutory Sick Pay and those who are receiving Severe Disablement Allowance are also eligible. Students in full-time education and not in universities between 16 to 20 years and are parents or are not under someone acting as a parent receive Income Support as well. Recently refugees who are learning English and have been in England for more than 12 years are have been allowed income support as well. You can check out your eligibility status also if you are in custody or if you are attending a court or tribunal. Income Support does not require you to have permanent support if you are sleeping rough and have proof of your condition; you can receive this kind of support. Moreover, if you sleep in a hostel or care home, you might be eligible for income support.

If you meet the criteria set by the government, then you can receive the necessary payment which is treated as a personal allowance. You can also get extra payments which are regarded as premiums. Your income and savings which is more than 5,999 pounds can affect the amount you will receive. To check out the personal allowance, you can visit the Income Support official page to check out how personal allowance is calculated and what you might get based on the conditions set by the government. Once you have applied by sending a claim, you can call them on their official Income Support contact number: 0800 169 0350 Textphone: 0800 023 4888 NGT text relay for people who cannot speak or hear on the phone: 18001 0800 169 0350 Welsh language: 0800 012 1888. These helplines and the Income Support Offices are open from Monday to Friday during the working hours.