Disability Living Allowance Helpline Number

This involves getting some benefits if you are disabled. It is applicable for people under the age of sixteen. It is among the financial aids that are relied mainly on by people who need personal care. Having a DLA can make it possible for you to qualify for other entitlements.

Everyone who is sixteen years and below is considered a child thus can benefit from this allowance. It helps you with extra costs when you are taking care of a child who cannot walk or has some problems in walking. This child will need more attention compared to a child who doesn’t have disabilities.

The amount of DLA goes hand in hand with the level of assistance that you need daily. You can be on the lowest bracket if you need help with some of the daily activities such as preparing meals. The middle bracket will be provided if you need more help which may require consistent taking care of throughout the day. It also includes some overnight supervision. You qualify for the highest bracket if you have a terminal illness and need constant attention throughout the day and at night.

Benefits of DLA are also based on the difficulties that you have in going around. You will be in the lower bracket if you need help only when going outside. For you to be qualified for the highest bracket is when you have severe problems while walking. This is because you will require assistance throughout.

Disability Living Allowance Contact Number

There is an existing telephone helpline that allows you to make your daily inquiries. Being the largest organization in the UK, the team is proficiently trained to be able to put up with many calls and answering of the frequently asked questions. The phone number is usually open throughout the weekdays. You can find the phone number for free in the public field or on their official website. Their phone number is 08448508710.

Claiming the Disability Living Allowance

It is important to know that applying for DLA (https://www.gain.org.uk/disability-living-allowance/) does not depend on your disability but the financial constraints that you have due to the limitation. It can be claimed if you have trouble walking or taking care of yourself and also when you have physical and mental problems.

You can claim this allowance despite your financial status. This is because it does not depend on your earnings or the amount of savings you have. You are not required to pay any tax for any amount you receive.

Changes to the DLA

The Personal Independence Payment has replaced the DLA to accommodate claimants of over sixteen years and below sixty-four. It was designed to provide you with support for long term disabilities. These are the disabilities that last for more than ten months.

Before receiving the PIP allowance, you go through an assessment that determines the amount you can receive. Terminal illnesses will make you to receive the highest amount of financial assistance.