Child Maintenance Service Helpline Number

Being a single parent is never easy, raising kids can be a real handful especially if you’re working full time just to make ends meet. It takes two to bring a child into this world, therefore two people are responsible for helping to raise that child. Whether it be helping with homework nightly or providing funds for food and clothes. The Child Maintenance Service number can be easily found and used to decide for payments and support for the kids. Whether you recently got separated from your partner and agree on payments or can’t locate your partner but need help with your kids the Child Maintenance Service will help you.

Child Maintenance Service is a financial support program designed to help you pay for your child’s everyday living costs (food, clothing, housing) when you have left or been abandoned by the other parent. You and your previous partner can choose to keep the matter private and do a family-based arrangement; however, if that is not an option you can work with Child Maintenance Service to get the money you need in order to support your child.

If you choose to the family-based plan then you do not require the Child Maintenance Services, however if that is not what will work you can use the services to help with everything you need. Anything from locating your previous partner, planning for payments, taking action if payments are not made, etc. There is a fee to use the Child Maintenance Services, however it is a small price to pay for getting the help you need in supporting your child.

This is a full service with personalized help for every individual who may need it. Whether you are mother or father with a single child or five of them, you can get help. You don’t have to take care of them completely alone. Your partner is responsible for helping bring them into this world and is therefore responsible for at least half of the child’s financial needs. This service doesn’t help with the non-essentials like a school spirit shirt or a trip to the zoo. Child Maintenance Services helps with what your child absolutely must have. Ensuring that your child will never go hungry, cold, or be on the streets.

It can be hard to put your pride aside and ask for help, especially from someone, like a past partner, who has already walked out on you. Don’t do it alone, allow Child Maintenance Services to help you and your child have an easier life, by getting your past partner to help with the expenses of the child. You and your child deserve the help, don’t be afraid to ask for it.