Carers Allowance Helpline Number

The Carer’s Allowance is a benefit program that provides compensation to those who spend time taking care of someone. With the Carer’s allowance, individuals receive about 65 pounds per week if they are caring for another person for at least 35 hours a week as well as getting certain benefits. To be eligible for this type of benefit, you will not have to be related to or live with the individual that you are caring for. Anyone who cares for someone else will not get paid any extra amount of money if they car for more than one person. The Carer’s Allowance can affect other benefits that you and the person you care for get. If your income is over the Personal Allowance, you will need to pay taxes on it.

When a person is looking to receive the Carer’s Allowance, they will have the option of getting paid weekly or receive payments every four weeks. Once receiving payment, you will get the fund paid into an account such as your bank account. For every week you get the allowance, you will automatically receive credits for National Insurance. Along with the credits, you will also be eligible to apply for other benefits as well. These include support from a local council, a council tax deduction and income support if your income is low.

To be eligible for the Carer’s allowance, there are a number of eligibility standards that must be met. The person that you care for must get one of numerous benefits. These include a Personal Independence Payment, a Disability Living Allowance, an Attendance Allowance and a Constant Attendance Allowance, and an Armed Forces Independence Payment. Those who provide care will need to meet eligibility requirements. These include earning less than 120 pounds per week, being at least 16 years of age, spending at least 35 hours a week caring for someone and also living in either England, Scotland, or Wales for at least 2 years. Those seeking this allowance must not be a full-time student, not study for 21 or more hours a week and not subject to immigration control. To find out more about these requirements, you will want to visit for more information.

With the Carer’s Allowance, you will need to know the effect on other benefits so that you can make sure you get what you need. The effects of the benefits will have an impact on both you and the person you are caring for. Whenever you claim the Carer’s Allowance, the person that you are caring for will no longer be getting a severe disability premium paid for with their benefits. They will stop getting an extra amount of disability payments known as the Pension Credit and also a reduced Council Tax.

For those who provide care, their benefits will be reduced but the payments will either go up or remain the same. The Carer’s Allowance does not count towards any benefits cap and if you get the Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit, you are required to contact the HM Revenue and Customs and inform them about the Carer’s Allowance that you are claiming.